Four people were found shot to death in a car Chicago Brighton Park neighborhood and an alderman said an assault rifle was used in the shooting.

The victims, three men and a woman, were found inside a car in the 4700-block of South Fairfield Avenue around 8:30 p.m. Friday night, police said. Police were in the area responding to shots fired when they saw the bodies inside a sedan.

The victims have been identified to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office as 21-year-old Michelle Cano, 24-year-old Joel Sandoval, 27-year-old Miguel Sandoval and Ida Arvisu.

Witnesses described hearing heavy gunfire.

“Just heard the machine gun, probably 12 rounds go off and the first thing I did was duck down and hover over my mom and tell her to duck down because she was freaking out. Just as soon as I heard the last shot, I took off and called the cops,” said witness Marina Carbajal.

Police are investigating. No one is in custody.

15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez called the gun used in the quadruple shooting a “weapon of war,” an assault rifle that he said has no place on Chicago’s streets. He said the community needs to remain vigilant and help police find out who is bringing in these sorts of weapons from out of state and waging gang warfare on Chicago’s streets.