Showers mainly in the evening on Sunday. High of 51.

Sunday: Mist and drizzle in the morning with showers developing later. High: 51, Low: 42

Monday: Mostly to partly cloudy and slightly warmer, cooler by the lake. High: 60, Low: 47

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High: 67, Low: 52

Wednesday: Cold front arrives. Spotty showers, sharply colder. High: 52, Low: 40

Thursday: Partly cloudy and chilly. High: 55, Low: 42

Friday: Mostly sunny and mild. High: 62, Low: 40

Saturday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High: 74, Low: 55

Now you can get the daily allergy count for the Chicago area during select ABC7 Newscasts. You can also visit the following link: Gottlieb Memorial Hospital Allergy Count or call the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital Allergy Hotline at 1-866-4-POLLEN for English.